Mother’s Day Spokane News Promotion

Mother’s Day Spokane News Promotion 2017

Treat Mom to this awesome prize package brought to you by our amazing Sponsors! (1) Winner will Win the Grand Prize, (1) Winner will Win the Runner Up prize and (1) Winner will Win our 3rd Place prize!

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Our Grand Prize

Our Runner Up Prize

Our 3rd Place Prize

HOW TO ENTER: See our weekly Post on Facebook and Like, Comment, and Share them for 1 entry. A new chance each week on Sunday April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and May 7th! Random post can happen for more entry chances. Top 3 Winners will be drawn and announced around 4pm May 9th on this post and our Spokane News Facebook Page. Comment below here in the comment section and check the box to Post to Facebook for 1 entry (new chance each week to comment)! Give the Sponsor’s Facebook Pages a Like (click their name)Hampton Inn & Suites in the Spokane ValleyInland HelicoptersMassage EnvyAvista UtilitiesUniforms N More and Total Security Inc. We will be drawing 25 names from each chance to enter and adding those names to our final drawing. You can have your name drawn multiple times for the final drawing if you enter multiple times. Names are drawn at random.

So LIKE our Post on Facebook, LIKE the Sponsors listed above, and SHARE our Facebook Post to Spread the Word! COMMENT below and click to share on Facebook! Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Spokane News. Also, if you want to take the scenic Helicopter ride on Mother’s Day you can book it at Inland Helicopters (509) 534-9114 and mention Spokane News for special pricing. ~Jay


GENERAL RULES & DISCLAIMER: Names drawn from each entry chance will be listed below after each weeks post. If you see your name below you are entered for the final drawing! You can enter each week and have your name drawn more than once. You can only win 1 Prize during the main drawing. Winners agree to allow photos/videos to be shared on Spokane News regarding this Promotion. Winners will be verified to have entered this promotion correctly. Rules on how to enter are listed above. Prize is not transferable to anyone else and winners must claim prize by 9pm May 12th 2017 or prize will be forfeited. Spokane News reserves the right to change or alter the prizes if/as needed. Facebook is not a Sponsor or part of this Promotion.  

April 2nd post on Facebook found HERE and below are 25 names added to our final drawing

  1. Sonia Barnes
  2. Natalie Guptill
  3. Heidi Eaton Bruaw
  4. Melissa Johnson-Robinette
  5. David Gardner
  6. Olivia Lynn Parsons
  7. Amber Koczor
  8. Elle White- Taylor
  9. Jim Moore
  10. Jamie L Bezdicek
  11. Justine Whitney
  12. Lacey Walker
  13. Norma Allinger-Howell
  14. Brenda Gulbranson
  15. Victoria Robinette
  16. Ginny Howard
  17. Jacquie Bigelow
  18. Breanna Bursch
  19. Marcia Angelo
  20. Tim Knox
  21. Melinda Keller
  22. Lacie Scott
  23. Blake Hardin
  24. Andrea Mochel
  25. Pwee Brache

April 9th post on Facebook found HERE, below are the 25 names added to our final drawing

  1. Zach Ray
  2. Russell Higgins
  3. Danalee LeBret
  4. Robin Buckley – Turner
  5. Amber Harvey
  6. Julie Gagliardi Flemming
  7. Diane Martin
  8. Trayce Marshall Burton
  9. Denise Wright
  10. Shannon Decoteau Wamsley
  11. Amberli Roseborough
  12. Leeaura Sanders
  13. Micki Robinson
  14. Kearra Prewitt
  15. Jennifer Rose
  16. Shawna Fron
  17. Kayla Davis
  18. Joanna Rohrenbach
  19. Maria Bellotti
  20. Michele Lawless
  21. Katherine Enderton
  22. Morgan Kovac
  23. Margie Montague Gannon
  24. Bree Carson

April 16th post on Facebook found HERE, below are the 25 names added to our final drawing

  1. Jacqueline Sanger
  2. Angie Betz
  3. Melissa Ferrel
  4. Nisa Noneya
  5. Josie Mason
  6. Andrea George
  7. Bodie Bohdih Boomba
  8. Louanne Jones Hunter
  9. Irina Stovba
  10. Kaitlyn Crider
  11. Jessica Juhnke
  12. Marcel Smith
  13. Karissa Champion
  14. Jacklyn Dorn
  15. Sadie Taskila Galloway
  16. Karen Kalinowski-Higginson
  17. Tannya Fields-Hurley
  18. Pamela Dilley
  19. Melissa Seed
  20. Shellie Floyd
  21. Stacy Sherfey
  22. Cindie LaForce
  23. Sonya Merwin
  24. Dazia Trevino
  25. Celina Howell

April 23rd post on Facebook found HERE, below are the 25 names added to our final drawing

  1. Ashley Fritts
  2. Amee Anderson
  3. Elizabeth Mangis
  4. Mackenzie Bluff
  5. Ariel Garza
  6. Jeannie Marie Havens
  7. Pam Stevens
  8. Samantha Jane Cleaver
  9. Amanda Pattarnon
  10. Robin Clayton
  11. Desiree Mattausch
  12. Mina Rae
  13. Candy Chapman
  14. Justine James
  15. Taylor Wright
  16. Tonya Karunaratne
  17. Becky Alcala
  18. Donna Durrer
  19. Jane Dickhoff
  20. Vicky James
  21. Donna Maddux
  22. Catrina Wildon
  23. Laura Maureen Semler
  24. Melissa Halverson
  25. Kayla Murphy

April 30th post on Facebook found HERE, below are the 25 names added to our final drawing

  1. Frani May Downs
  2. Melissa Indigo Tatom
  3. Liz Forness
  4. Patty Sena
  5. Alli Arkills
  6. Dawna Van Buskirk
  7. Jennifer Mcgonigal
  8. JoAnne Ferguson
  9. Jennifer Beebe
  10. Joelena Ford
  11. Chelle Bisson
  12. April Nypen-Rushton
  13. Lauren Michelle
  14. Sherry Bazar
  15. Samantha Getchell
  16. Pam Duclos
  17. Alexandria Brown
  18. Beth Hill
  19. Pamela Dilley
  20. Breanna Bursch
  21. Brittany Gilbrech
  22. Shellie Floyd
  23. Russell Higgins
  24. Shawna Fron
  25. Sarah Beck

May 7th post on Facebook found HERE, below are the 25 names added to our final drawing

  1. Whitney Rochall
  2. Jolene Millspaugh
  3. Heather Sorey
  4. Courtney VanEgmond
  5. Bethany Noble
  6. Mary Kniep Roy
  7. Brook Linn Evans
  8. Amey Rice
  9. Cheryl Whitson
  10. Hether Lafontise
  11. Linda Strine
  12. Sophie Reuben
  13. Chelsea Motzer
  14. Leila Ann Hall
  15. Justine McDilda
  16. Shayla MacSuga
  17. Ashley Brown
  18. Ashlee Brewer
  19. Debi Johnson Valenzuela
  20. Jasmine Rease
  21. Tia Duvall
  22. Wendy Barry Zehm
  23. Shala Anne McColley
  24. Jana Kay Hill
  25. Rhonda Hillard

May 8th FINAL post on Facebook found HERE! All Names Drawn! Good Luck!

  1. Anna Marie Rugan
  2. Brook Tracy
  3. Jamie Decker
  4. Sierra Ballard
  5. John Farmer
  6. KelliandBj Henderson
  7. Nola Petrucelly
  8. Rachel DeRyan
  9. Sherri Byrd
  10. Mercedes Brown
  11. Susan Hunter
  12. Shelly Antoine
  13. Tara Laird
  14. Kira Alexandra Straughan
  15. Caitlyn Kelso
  16. Sacha Zeigler
  17. Elizabeth Amber Ballou
  18. Janelle Wing Mcmichael
  19. Alexandria Brown
  20. Dolly Thomas
  21. Cari Leander
  22. Allison Curry
  23. Serenity Longacre
  24. Tanya Peters
  25. Alison Ratliff

The Winners are:

Grand Prize: Jim Moore

Runner Up Prize: Josie Mason

3rd Place Prize:Candy Chapman

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